Spaghetti Empire

Restaurant Management System

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This project was created for UNT's Software Engineering course. My group consisted of 6 computer science majors. We were given a set of requirements for the restaurant management system that we had to meet before the project deadline. The system went through the planning, development, and testing stages. To create the product, we used HTML, CSS, AngularJS, and phpMyAdmin. View our system requirements, user guide, low-fedelity wireframes, and validation tests.

My Role

This project allowed me to explore prototyping and design. I was designated as the front-end lead and did most of the branding and theming for the system. To create the wireframes, I used AdobeXD. The design was chosen to imitate similar systems in restaurants such as Chili's and BJ's. This allows potential customers to already feel comfortable with the navigation. Below is a short video demonstrating some of the functionality of our system. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see additional features.