Student Financial Aid & Scholarships (SFAS) Website

University of North Texas SFAS Website


The purpose of this website was to revamp the SFAS website after Drupal 6 became unsupported. The old website had been around for 10 years with little to no updates on style or presentation. The new website was intended to attract more students and parents to UNT and provide clearer information on financial aid and scholarships.

My Role

As a student employee, my primary responsibility was creating content targeted to students. My team rewrote most of the webpages from scratch to simplify the verbiage and add media from other sources that would allow our students to better understand the topic. I spoke with many department heads to work with them on their portion of the site to ensure the information we provide is correct, and I met with students to confirm that we were always heading in the right direction.

I am currently leading a usability study for the website to gather data on how students are interacting with our new website. I am gathering research on best practices and examples for a usability study and have begun writing the test plan. The study will take place in the spring of 2019.